The Minex Process

Recovered Material

The Minex Process economically extracts contained metals from smelter and refinery slags. The patented process is extremely efficient at removing metals in a single operation and, generally, more than 90% of the targeted metals can be extracted and recovered.

This is one on the best technologies I have seen in my 36 years working in the field and I am sold on the merits of the technology.
R. GildersRPC

Melting\Boiling Points for Selected Metals & Chlorides

The Minex Process utilizes hydrogen chloride (HCl) gas to form metal chloride salts that are then volatilized into a gas stream. The advantage of forming metal chlorides comes from the generally lower boiling points of the chlorides in comparison to the pure metals or the associated metal oxides. The use of chlorides to extract metals is well established, the patented technology that the Minex Process uses is in the use of gaseous chlorides. The chloride gas is recovered and recirculated from the quench circuit back to the Minex Process reactor. Metals are recovered by commercially available processes.

The Minex Process has been under development since 2004

Bench scale and continuous pilot testing

Environmentally non-hazardous

The Minex Process

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