The Market

Independent consultants estimate there is more than 2 billion tonnes of slag currently being stockpiled globally, which is being added to at a rate of 20 million tonnes per year.

The ability of the Minex Process to effectively extract metals at lower temperature than in conventional roasters removes one of the major hurdles in employing pyrometallurgical technology to recover the metals contained in this slag, power cost. The Minex Process can economically recover metals from slags with as little as US$300/t metal value.

Tonnes of slag Stockpiled
Tonnes of slag added each year

The Minex Process has been granted patents in the UK, Canada, Australia, USA, EU, South Africa Chile and Mexico amongst others, as the process expands further patents will be applied for in these and other relevant countries.

The Minex Process has been extensively tested by leading international companies and the results validated by independent experts such as SRK Consultants and Micon International.

The process has significant operational, commercial and environmental benefits to refinery and foundry operators in that it extracts metals from material previously seen as a liability and discharges a non-hazardous waste product requiring no special storage requirement and with potential use in secondary industries.

Patented Process

Extensively Tested

Environmentally beneficial

On the basis of the trials completed to date the Minex Process has proved to be an effective method of unlocking intrinsic value in otherwise uneconomic waste, complex metal containing feed material and lends itself to becoming an alternative solution to processing certain primary ores.
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